The Breger values

All of Breger's workforce (customer service, production department, drivers) is focused on supervision, monitoring operations and anticipating risks.


The entire company is committed to delivering on time.
This basic but increasingly important commitment to punctuality is an obligation rooted in the business' DNA.

Continued improvement

We are continually improving our internal processes to guarantee an optimum quality of service to secure your flows.

Health and safety

The business is committed to preventative actions carried out on a daily basis.

Social and ethical responsibility

Ethics and social connections are a commitment for both our staff and our clients.


BREGER has committed to reducing its CO2 and NOx emissions through a three-year action plan, thus working to create a responsible business, rooted in an approach that supports sustainable development.

Merchandise integrity

The customer service and quality department is dedicated to producing specific guidelines based on the characteristics of goods and transport conditions.

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