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Vincent Lesage

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« To face the challenges of tomorrow's businesses, neither transportation nor freight forwarding alone are enough, it is essential that we are able to provide both.

Being able to offer freight forwarding but not transport means taking risks in the everyday reality of the business.

Offering transport without freight forwarding means not being able to look after the wider needs of our clients.

Transporting less to transport better. The staple of our corporate culture. »


Offering transport services since 1952, the independent Breger Group is a renowned key European player specializing in transport and logistics organization.

For over 60 years, we have consolidated our expertise and continually developed new skills. An expert in groupage, pick-up and distribution, every day we develop our ability to offer our clients the most appropriate, cost-efficient and sustainable logistics and transport solutions. Adaptability, efficacy and creativity are the key characteristics of all of our teams. They develop with and for our clients within dedicated production units


Transport plan organization

Transport organization is one of our key services. We have for a long time been renowned for our ability to successfully manage transport plans, particularly amongst our most demanding clients.

We provide bespoke solutions on a regional, national and international scale.

How ?

  • By assessing your needs on a day-to-day basis or according o a specific request.
  • By adapting to changes (seasonal or circumstantial) to ensure genuine flexibility.
  • By making a long-term commitment to managing our own fleet and monitoring transport.
  • By devising our own ideas and pro-actively finding custom solutions.
  • By using specially adapted tools.
  • Thanks to the support of our network of Breger agencies, our research unit and our client-dedicated units.

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