CAP 2025

Thanks to our positioning as an Organizer and Carrier, value creation for customers optimizes and massifies their flows by securing their upstream and downstream supply chain.
Strengthen human values within the Group by integrating new talent, developing promotions and training. It is by relying on our teams and their skills that we will be able to continue to develop by continuing to expand our network in France and the internationalisation of our businesses.
Accelerate ecological and technological transitions. The new energies will be developed as a matter of priority and our organization will take into account the environmental challenges. Similarly, digital solutions will be at the center of our offering and should also enable our internal processes to become even more efficient.
Commitment to results with our clients for an overall performance : quality, safety, economy and environment. This commitment extends to all projects decided upon and initiated internally, thus enabling our offer and our organisation to improve sustainably.


We put everything in place to ensure the transport of your goods, meeting the needs expressed by every one of our clients. Every day we work to build a high-quality service together that will boost your performance in response to your needs. All of our processes include management of risks related to the compliance of your goods.

Added Value

service ajoute

Our vision of a client partnership is based on the three pillars of innovation, reactivity and quality

Innovation, because creating a transport plan adapted to your customer is a pre-requisite for providing reliable and competitive logistics and transport solutions.

Reactivity, because orders are never linear. Which means our organization needs to be agile enough to adapt on a day-to-day basis to commercial constraints.
An organizational mirror is vital for managing communications between teams - a key element for real collaboration.

Quality, because only a real-time supervision process and monitoring of actual performance will enable long-term, continuous improvement, a synonym of a great service and a source of shared productivity.



The group works every day to ensure the highest level of service in order to ensure the security of flows and goods.

Expert interfaces

A service monitoring model that includes frequent reports makes it possible to monitor service quality and continually make adjustments. Our organization adapts every day to the needs of our clients.



cap 2020

A group commitment

We train every member of the group on our commitments and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. Every driver is made aware of their responsibility to make the road a safer place to drive by adopting the best practice of eco-driving.

The majority of the group's vehicles comply with EURO6 standards and include new generations of natural gas vehicles.

objectif co2

Breger, a signatory of the ADEME charter

BREGER has made a commitment to reduce its CO2 emissions through a three-year action plan, thus working for a responsible business, rooted in an approach that supports sustainable development.

ISO 14001 certified at the Laval site.

Environmental challenges have always been integrated into our general policy, since the first one in 1992. ISO 14001 certification validates our environmental management system in place.

Safety at work

The business is committed to preventative actions carried out on a daily basis

  • Launch of an awareness and safety campaign.
  • Helping clients produce prevention plans and safety protocols.
  • Road safety.
  • Post and equipment ergonomics.


Ethics are a commitment

  • No discrimination during recruitment.
  • Disabilities policy.
  • Training young people on our professions.
  • Subcontractors who share our values.
  • Commercial ethics: fighting all types of corruption, respecting the confidentiality of partnerships, making proposals that comply with industry-specific regulations.
  • Respect of personal data protection.
  • Commitment to professional equality between women and men: Transports BREGER scored 89 out of 100 for its Professional Equality Index in 2022. 

For sustainable commitments

Completing CSR (corporate social responsibility) report is a key step for the group and its staff. This report pays testament to our commitments and the objectives of CAP 2025, as set out by our company. The group is a key player in this societal and environmental transformation, providing sustainable, environmentally friendly and reliable solutions.

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